Dogwood Tree Service Greenville

Why Trim a Tree?

Tree trimming should gain the same popularity as our most requested tree service, tree removal. Not every homeowner knows that trimming or pruning at the least does a lot of benefits to the overall welfare of their trees. Untrimmed trees don’t only look unsightly, but they can also be a threat to your safety. A lot of tree species would benefit from trimming every three to five years to maintain their structure and health. Trimming will get rid of dead, damaged, and dying limbs and branches that can impact the health of the entire tree, as well as the other trees in the area.  You should also be aware that most insurance policies will not honor your claims when there is negligence on your end. 

Tree trimming entails both knowledge and practical application. You can learn the science behind it, but only those with skills gotten through experience can artfully complete a trimming job. One should be careful not to over trim a tree because it exposes the tree to various diseases and causes it to look unsightly. Not trimming, or under-trimming the tree has less to no advantage at all.  That is why it is crucial to trim the tree properly, at the right time, using the correct method. You will be surprised by how beautiful and healthy your tree will become after trimming.

How to Properly Trim a Tree

It is essential to use a systematic approach to tree trimming. At Dogwood Tree Service, we employ the high-standards instituted by the Arbor Day Foundation. Our certified arborists make sure that we don’t reduce the branches too near to its main trunk. With our approach, you can have peace of mind that your trees are in good hands. 

All our tree trimming projects start with a free assessment of the tree to be trimmed. During our visit, we will figure out how much trimming your tree needs and the necessary tools and equipment needed to complete the job. We will assure that there will be access points to help us maneuver around your yard. Your opinion matters to us, which is why we consider your preference and special instructions when performing tree trimming. We will then offer you a verbal quote, and once you agree, we will send you a written estimate right away. Our professional team will consist of the main cutter and a ground crew who will handle the cleanliness of the area. We will cut the large branches and limbs into smaller three-foot sections to use for firewood. All small twigs and debris will be brought to our chippers on the side of the street. Like we how we do with all our services, we will not leave your property until all dirt and debris produced by tree trimming has been taken care of. 

Pruning is as effective as trimming, but it is less aggressive in execution. The process entails cutting 

    small limbs, branches, and water shoots. It also gets rid of damaged and broken limbs and branches to improve the aesthetics of the tree. We will be happy to prune your trees while we work on trimming other trees in your landscape.