Dogwood Tree Service Greenville

Why Remove a Tree?

Since we have started our tree business, tree removal has been our top and most requested service offering. Tree removal is also the most complicated and work-extensive job that we do. While it is not entirely difficult, it requires planning, skills, and proper equipment to get it done correctly. In more than a decade of being a premier tree service company in Greenville, NC, we can confidently say that we have removed all species of trees in all sizes and ages. 

We officially start our tree removal service with a complimentary quote given by one of our personnel. We will assess the situation and discuss with you the approach we will use, including the equipment necessary to complete the job. We will follow-up with a written estimate that divulges every detail of the service, as well as the cost for tree removal. We will also send you our license and insurance information as proof of our professionalism and integrity in the job. Finally, we can set a day and time when the tree can be eliminated. We will assure you that we will work at a time that is preferable to you.

Tree Removal Greenville

A member of our team will get in touch with you on the morning of the scheduled tree removal to affirm the time of our arrival. Please allow us a two-hour arrival window because we want to make sure our previous client is fully satisfied with our work. 

As we begin the process, our team leader will assign roles to each member. Our crew typically consists of a ground crew, lead and branch cutter, and chipper. We will begin cutting the tree from the crown going down to the trunk. Using our equipment or safety harness, we will get each branch and limb to the ground where it will be further cut into smaller sections. Our cutter will reduce the wood into three-foot segments, which is ideal for firewood purposes. The process ends when we only have the main trunk to deal with. Throughout the entire tree removal, our ground crew will make sure the site is clean and free of any tree debris, including branches and limbs. 

We understand that tree removal is not always your top priority due to the cost. However, sometimes, it can’t be helped due to a number of reasons. If your tree has become diseased, damaged, or dead, there is no other way to handle it but to have it removed. A compromised tree is an accident waiting to happen in your yard, which is why it is a must to have eliminated by a professional. 

The next time you require assistance for tree removal, contact us, and we will be more than ready to complete the job. We are the top tree company that your neighbors have trusted for years.

Cost to Have a Tree Removed

    Three variables affect the total cost of removing a tree:

    Tree Size– Larger trees demand more time and effort, hence the price automatically goes up.

    Tree Location- Trees that are located in areas near power lines or other public structures, require more planning and precaution, which means more workforce and equipment use. 

    Tree Species- Trees that have multiple trunks drive the cost higher compared to those with single trunks.