Dogwood Tree Service Greenville

Stump Grinding and Removal

You will naturally be left with a stump after tree removal. Our team can get rid of this stump in two practical ways. One is complete stump removal using our heavy equipment, and the other one is by grinding it below the ground. With complete stump removal, we will utilize our backhoe to unearth the stump together with the entire root system. This method, however, is more acceptable in extensive commercial lands where foundation laying is required. It is because digging stump as the whole can cause damage to the surrounding area and your landscape. 

Most of our clients go for stump grinding if they want to eliminate the stump. It is less costly than stump removal, and it also causes less damage to the surrounding area. Using our Vermeer stump grinders, we will mill the stump until it is no longer visible to the naked eye. You have an option to have us replant it with sod or grass to restore the ground’s former appearance. 

Every stump has its own characteristics that can affect its difficulty to remove. Some stumps, especially new hardwood stumps, can be challenging to eliminate. On the other hand, Cedars and Pines, and other older conifers can take less time and effort to grind. Further, the age of the stump, whether it is new or old, can affect its resistance to grinding. Finally, the size of the stump is one of the factors that influence its difficulty to grind. No matter what the age, species, and size of the stump are, Dogwood Tree Service can remove it in a few minutes. With the help of our world-class stump grinders, there is no stump too difficult for us to remove.

Stump Grinding Process

We manage every stump using the following procedures:

  • With a rack and shovel, we will clear the surroundings of any debris, including rocks, twigs, and gravel. Doing this will facilitate easier and more efficient stump grinding process. 
  • In case the stump hasn’t been cut as close to the ground as it can, our team will use a chainsaw to reduce the height that is ideal for stump grinding. 
  • During this time, we can get the stump grinder into position and place it three to six inches above the stump to commence the grinding process. 
  • We will let the stump grinder move backward and forward over the stump until it is three to six inches underground. 

    • We will end the process by making sure the site is clear from all traces of wood chips and tree debris. We can reuse it as organic compost or mulch and other things that you prefer. If you prefer, we can also replant the area with sod or grass. 

    You can expect us to finish the entire process in thirty to ninety minutes, considering the size, age, and species of the stump. Stump grinding can be a dirty job, but we will make sure to make it look seamless with the help of our state of the art equipment. Have us work on the several stumps in your yard and avail of our multi-stump discount. We also offer discounts when you purchase several of our tree services such as tree trimming and tree removal.