Dogwood Tree Service Greenville

Storm Tree Damage

There is no doubt that trees are nature’s beautiful creation. However, it can be deadly in the face of an intense storm. Uprooted trees, fallen branches, and downed electrical lines all put a property owner at risk. In times like these, there is only one company in Greenville that you should call Dogwood Tree Service. We respond to your concern as if it is our own and provide you with a fast and safe emergency tree service. Our team of experts and experienced tree personnel will provide you with 24/7 support during times of emergencies. We take pride in our ability to be in the site in minutes after your call. We understand that as a typical homeowner, you can have a hard time moving around your property because of fallen branches or worse, power lines. Uprooted trees and fallen branches can hinder your access to other areas of your property; that is why it is our goal to eliminate these situations right away. We are proud to be the first ones to arrive at the site to clear the way for other service providers, including police, medical personnel, and utility companies. 

While storms cannot be prevented, uprooted trees and fallen limbs can be avoided with early detection. Contact our professional tree experts, and we will inspect the situation of your tree relative to its health to lessen its risk of getting damaged by the storm. In many cases, overhanging limbs on roofs and entangled limbs in power lines cause a hazard to properties and safety. Allow us to trim or remove hazardous trees to prevent it from falling onto your property.

Emergency Storm Tree Damage Response

If unfortunately, you need to face tree storm emergency, you know you can count on Dogwood Tree Service to help you make the situation better. We look at every storm tree damage as urgent concerns, that is why we do our best to be in your property within the hour of your call. We encourage you to leave the clean-up to the skilled responders because your safety is at risk. 

When we receive your call, we immediately put into action our storm damage protocol:

  • We will send one of our representatives right away to assess the extent of storm damage in your property and do the estimation process. 
  • We will then provide you with a free on-site estimate for the service. Once you accept our offer, we will send you a written quote detailing the entire procedure and the cost via email.
  • At this point, we will deploy our emergency response team to commence the clean-up process officially. 

    • We will free the area of any hazardous situations caused by fallen limbs and uprooted trees. We will also make an effort to contact third-party providers to handle non-tree related matters.
    • After we have made sure the area is safe, we will begin cleaning your property and get rid of limbs, fallen branches, and other tree-related debris. Rest assured that all waste will be stacked anywhere in your property or placed into our chippers. 
    • When we are done with the clean-up effort, you will see not a single trace of the storm damage and your property will be restored of its former glory. 

    In times of difficult situations, don’t easily trust a company that offers bargain price for their service. Only let the company with an excellent reputation both inefficiency and customer service to take care of your storm damage emergency to ensure your safety. We have all the right skills, experience, and equipment in emergencies like these.