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Picture of a hand drawn tree all in green for our logo in greenville, NCDogwood Tree Service is your leading tree company in all of Greenville. As a premier tree contractor, we provide only the best quality tree care backed by years of experience and credentials. We offer client care as if we are in the customer service business because we put our client’s satisfaction on top of our list. When you are in need of tree work, don’t hesitate to contact the tree company that your neighbors have relied on for decades now.

About Dogwood Tree Service

Our team consists of certified arborists and tree care experts who have been in the business of tree care for many years now. We had our humble beginnings with a few chainsaws and a truck and worked our way to where we are now. At present, we cater to all of Greenville, with regular employees, and top-rated equipment we never thought we could have. Throughout the years, we build our reputation on skills and excellent customer service. We see each client as a family that is why we only provide them with the best that we can. Our customer’s safety is important to us; that is why we make sure to operate with the necessary license, insurance, and bond. You can be confident that we perform each job with the highest integrity, conscientiousness, and professionalism. 

Our Tree Service Business

More than our dedication to providing high-quality tree service is our goal to offer excellent customer care. We understand that client care is our edge and what makes us different from other tree companies. We want our customers to feel secured and satisfied each time they hire our service, and we want them to get what they deserve. We will make sure to return your call or send you a message in case you cannot get a hold of one of our representatives right away. Further, we will respond to your request immediately and come to your property to assess the situation and offer a complimentary, no-obligation estimate. Then, we will help you decide on the schedule of the tree service, making sure we work on your most convenient time. Finally, we will make sure to clean the worksite and make it look as if we never set foot on your property. Our work doesn’t end until we are sure you are satisfied with every detail of our work. We will ask for your feedback and use it to improve our service further.

Tree Service Greenville City Trusts

Dogwood Tree Service was established with one goal in mind: provide quality tree service at a price our clients can afford. With this in mind, we only work with the most qualified tree care personnel with many years of experience to their name. We make sure that every employee we hire is background

    checked and undergone screen test for your protection. They are also trained yearly to make sure they adhere to our professional code of conduct. We also take pride in our management team who has more than a decade of experience in tree care. We believe that we have the most professional and dependable management and tree care personnel throughout, we are ready to perform our best in each tree service we do. 

    We invest in the best tools and equipment required for tree care to help us complete each job in the most efficient way possible. From our chainsaws down to our trucks, you can have the peace of mind that they are well-maintained and in top condition. For large scale projects, we use our cherry pickers, wood chippers, and cranes to get the job done fast. Having the best possible equipment to help us with the job, we can take on larger trees and projects that our competitors cannot. There are instances when our customers don’t want us to use our heavy equipment fearing that it might damage their landscape. In this case, we can use our safety climbing harnesses and deploy four of our ground crews to take care of branches and limbs. Regardless of the method we use, rest assured that the outcome will be of the same best quality. We are one of the few tree services in the local area who can offer high-quality tree care for an affordable price. 

    We are aware of the tough competition in the tree industry. However, we urge our prospective customers to be careful and wise in choosing their tree contractor. Be wary of “companies” that go door-to-door because often, they are not licensed nor insured leaving you at risk of being liable for any legal and financial obligations in case an accident happens while they work on your property. Don’t let yourself fall victim to these scammers and be wise with your decision. 

    We provide our high-quality tree service to all residential, commercial, and development properties, as well as large-scale commercial and residential developments. We are a proud tree company that can provide the best tree care with a wide range of service offerings. 

    When you choose to work with us, you choose to be serviced by Greenville’s most qualified tree care company in the local area. You can rely on our team to provide you with top-rated tree service at a fair price. We stick to the scheduled day of the service and stand by our words all the time. The next time you need assistance with your tree, call us, and we will show you why we are the number one tree service company for many decades now. 

    Below are summaries of our tree care service offerings. If you want to learn more about each service, you can check out the Services menu at the top of this page.

    Picture of our stump grinder being used to remove a very large stumpr for a customer in greenville, nc
    Picture of a large tree uprooted in a neighbors front yard due to storm damage in greenville, NC

    Tree Removal Service

    When trees become damaged, diseased, and hazardous, there is no better way to deal with it but to have it removed. Intense storms can also leave your trees with broken limbs and branches or even uproot it entirely. Certain diseases such as canker rot can leave your tree looking unsightly while overgrown trees can cause trouble to the aesthetics of your landscape. Further, you have to be reminded that insurance policies will not honor your claim if they find out that there is negligence on your part. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maintain your tree and ensure they don’t touch any part of your house. Whatever the reason may be, Our tree care service is ready to provide you with fast and safe tree removal service. 

    While tree removal isn’t entirely difficult, it requires skills, experience, and careful planning to get it done safely and accurately, especially if it involves power lines or it’s located in hard to access areas. Whatever the situation is, have peace of mind that our professional team will meet your tree removal needs. The tree removal begins with one of our customer representatives visiting your house or office to assess the nature of the tree to be eliminated. We will walk you through the process and ask your personal preference in terms of the equipment we can use and the approach we will use. During this visit, we will provide you with a verbal quote followed shortly by a written quote along with our license and insurance proof. You can choose the date for the tree removal service and rest assured that we will be there on time. Our tree removal package entails falling of the tree, hauling away of limbs and branches, and complete clean-up of the worksite. Our ground crew will handle all debris and other dirt produced by tree removal. We guarantee that after we are done with tree removal, your yard will be restored of its former beauty. You only need one company for all your tree removal needs. Call Dogwood Tree Service, the one company that Greenville trusts.

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    Tree Trimming & Pruning

    Make time to notice the trees around your neighborhood, and you will realize that almost every tree needs a little trimming. An overgrown tree with broken and dead branches is as bad as a dead tree. Trimming is a useful approach to enhance the overall welfare of your tree significantly. Unfortunately, many business and homeowners overlook this fact and leave their trees in worse conditions. Our team has mastered every technique there is for effective tree trimming and pruning, so you can trust us to restore the health and beauty of your tree.

    We prune and trim trees with three goals in mind:

    1. To eliminate dead, broken, and hazardous limbs and branches
    2. To enhance the structure and symmetry of overgrown trees
    3. To use the time to evaluate the tree’s health

    Our process for tree trimming is almost similar to our tree removal. First, we will pay a visit to your home or business and check the status of the tree to be trimmed. Then, we will offer you with a written estimate for the service to be done followed shortly by a written estimate together with our license and insurance proof. Next, we will decide on the time most convenient to you for us to complete the job. Throughout the entire process, our ground crew will take care of the trimmed limbs and branches and transfer them to our chippers located on the street. You can instantly see the difference once we are done with tree trimming. As we always do, we will leave your yard spotless clean.

    Close up picture of a tree being trimed for a customer in Greenville, NC

    Stump Grinding and Removal

    After tree removal comes stump removal. We can get rid of the tree stump in two ways: stump grinding and stump removal. In most occasions, stumps that are left in the yard rot eventually and become unsightly. They also attract a multitude of insects and pests that can be harmful to healthy trees in your landscape. 

    We own state of the art stump grinders that can handle all types, ages, and sizes of stumps. We will be glad to offer you discounts, especially if you purchase multiple services from us. However, even if we did not remove your tree, we will still be happy to provide you with our world-class service. 

    As we do with the rest of our services, we will commence stump removal with one of our experts coming to your residence to check on the stump to be removed. The cost of stump removal will depend on its size, location, and species. You can learn about the details of the services from our verbal quote, followed by a written estimate and insurance and licensing information.  No matter how messy stump removal can get, we can assure you that we will make it look effortless with the help of our top-rated equipment.

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    Emergency Tree Service

    One of the main reasons for a damaged tree is a storm. We urge property owners not to maneuver around uprooted trees, especially when power lines are involved because of safety risks. In this situation, you need a tree company that is fast and reliable. Our tree services are available 24/7 for all your emergency tree needs. We respond quickly to our customer’s call because we understand the urgency of the situation. We will restore the safety and beauty of your property as fast as we can so that you can return to your daily lives. With the aid of our heavy equipment and the skills of our team, we can assure you that all traces of storm damage will be gone in a few hours. Give us a call when you are faced with any tree emergency, and we will be there as soon as we can.

    Land Clearing Services

    Our tree service can handle even the largest lands in the local area. We can clear your land of trees, brushes, and other debris Clearing lots, whether it is a large-scale commercial property or a simple backyard, is our specialization, so you can have the assurance that once we are done, you will be left with a clear lot. We own the best equipment and tools required for lot clearing projects, regardless of the size of the land. We can finish the job fast and efficient so you can use the lot for your desired purpose right away. 

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any lot clearing jobs you may have. We are the premier tree service company that can complete any lot clearing jobs you require.

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